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Zoom online lessons

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Zoom online lessons

Zoom Online Lessons!

In order to allow those who choose to home school, need help with homework or Booster sessions, and schools who are struggling with current restrictions, Auriga Astronomy want to allow any person young or OLD to learn from our 18 years of experience in Astronomy education.

We cannot use our mobile planetarium (nor can any safely operate while ANY form of Social Distancing is in place due to air exchange) we do operate a SAFE stage show for schools events and fundraising, but that does little to help the student isolated at home or individual home learners (or those who wish a bit of booster tuition)

We are offering 40 minutes to 1 hour ZOOM online lessons on most astronomy (and certain Medieval History) topics covered by the national curriculum. We can also tailor make a session to suit your needs, just ask.

We would rather YOU contact us, tell us YOUR requirements, then we can set a time for the delivery of the zoom online lessons YOU want!

Our Pricing is simple, click here

ZOOM online Lessons; Testimonial:-

Dave gave two talks to our school on space exploration, on Zoom. As is typical for Dave’s presentations, he was abundantly thorough and his tone highly engaging. It’s truly impressive that he succeeded in keeping everyone so engaged while speaking from a computer screen! Any teacher who’s spent all term teaching on Zoom knows that’s quite the feat. His rich knowledge is hugely evident, particularly when answering the range of questions that the students throw at him, but his talks also had a crucial human touch – the occasional joke or personal experience.  I didn’t think it could be done but the talks really were accessible to all ages in the school – the year 7s could comfortably follow, while the year 12 A level students were enthralled too. Dave has a great way of hinting at further areas that the students could research throughout the talks. These talks were exactly what the students needed, to fascinate and inspire them after months of learning in lockdown! One teacher said his class spent the entire next lesson asking more questions about the topic. Another staff member said it was the best Zoom session she’d seen all year. Thank you, Dave – we can’t wait to have you back!

Agniete Geras (Head of Physics) St Pauls Girls School Hammersmith

ZOOM Science Sessions

Zoom online lessons

zoom lessons

Our Zoom Online Lessons (and other suitable programs/apps) bring all the quality of our in school presentation to you online!

You will still see our amazing videos and graphics, hear direct from Dave (with over 18 years of science presentation) in an different way.

Sessions last 40 minute to 1 hour, and are delivered at the correct pace for our audience. time is allowed for questions, either at the end of each segment or at the end.

The Earth in Space

Designed for primary age children this lesson looks at our world, and how it behaves and fits into space.

Why a day and year is the length they are, The Moon and its place with us in space. for years 5 &6 we look at the phases of the moon in detail, and the reason we have seasons. (we add the solar system to this lesson if time permits)

zoom lessons

zoom lessons

The Solar System in detail

This Yrs 6-9  lesson looks at each planet in turn giving detailed scientific information on them, what they are made of, why they are the colour they are and is there anywhere other than Earth that can sustain life?

The life cycle of a Star

This KS4 lesson details how and where stars form, what they actually are and the precise conditions required for star formation. It further shows how stars live their lives and finally how they die. What is left behind, and its role in a stars 'circle of life' as well as the truly bizarre object left behind by some stars when they die.

A visually stunning presentation! with plenty of time for in depth questions.

Zoom Lessons

Robotic Space Exploration

From Sputnik to the current Mars missions, we look at how humans have explored space robotically. The Space race from the 1950's-1980's is also explored in this session which looks at 1st's in space, Including stunning images and our famous Q&A session to finish

Zoom online lessons

Zoom online Lessons

Human exploration of Space

This session looks at the developments in human space travel from Yuri Gagarin to Space X. The Space race from the 1950's-1980's is also explored in this session which looks at 1st's in human space exploration.

Zoom Lessons

The Ancient Greeks

Here we can deliver two different shows;

Greek mythology, how the ancient Greeks pantheon of gods ruled their daily lives and why they saw the world this way.

Greek Astronomy,  how the ancient Greeks built upon earlier knowledge to formulate their understanding of our world and its place in the heavens. This lesson dispels many misconceptions about the ancient people's view of our Earth.

zoom lessons

Viking and Saxons

This lesson looks at he similarities between Viking and Saxons, and the major differences! it dispels many of the myths that surround the Norsemen of the period. It looks at why they raided, why they settled, where they settled and the time when Viking and Saxon were at a relative peace. We look at why the peace ended and the legacy of their time here that still exists today.

The Normand and the Crusades

Again two separate lesson looking at eh 11th to 13th century of life under the Normans.

The first lesson details the reasons behind the Battle of Hastings, and why the Normans won (not always fully understood), how life in England changed once William became King, Feudal society and the Harrying of the North.

The second lesson looks at the the Crusades, mainly the first and 3rd Crusade, and the truth behind them, why they happened, who won and the legacy in Europe after they finished. We also see how there were Crusade in Northern Europe as well as in Spain.

zoom lessons

How it works:-

You contact us (click on a button, or call 07876 682348 ) to discuss what YOU want, and we arrange a time for our ZOOM online lessons, with your child/children at a time convenient for YOU. We send you an e-invoice for payment in advance of the session (apart from schools/institutions) once your payment is cleared we contact you with your invitation LINK. On the day of the lesson, we will again contact you to check all is ok, then you/your child goes online at the appointed time. 

IT is a SIMPLE as that! ZOOM Online Lessons - your No1 Choice for online science lessons!


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